Ordering a Racecar

If you are interested in purchasing the parts to build a RACECAR-MN, please visit the automated bill of materials. The first page of the bill of materials explains how to use it. You will be asked to answer a short series of questions, and then the bill of materials will calculate your total expenses and provide you with an exact parts list to order.

Choosing between the Full and Lite models

The RACECAR-MN has two models: the Full and Lite versions. The Lite supports core driving and vision functionality but lacks the addition hardware offered by the Full. The Lite is approximately $300 cheaper and easier to assemble. The Full is needed to complete the entire RACECAR-MN curriculum.

A RACECAR-MN Lite can be upgraded to a RACECAR-MN Full at any time.

Approximate cost (1 car) $1,085 $735
Approximate cost (4 cars) $935 x 4 $625 x 4
Assembly time 2-3 hours 1-2 hours
Supported labs Full curriculum Phase 1 (Labs 0-5)
Depth camera
Sound processing  
Onboard monitor