Final Challenge

Time Trial

The time trial is an individual race consisting of four sections:

  1. Line following: Similar to lab 2A, follow colored lines. The colors are randomized but indicated with AR markers, allowing you to choose the best path.
  2. Lane following: Similar to line following, but now you must stay between two colored lines. The lines change color to indicate tight turns where you may wish to slow down. The path forks in the middle, and an AR marker indicates the path without speed bumps.
  3. Cone slaloming: Similar to the phase 1 challenge, pass red cones on the right and blue cones on the left. If you pass a cone on the wrong side, you will incur a time penalty.
  4. Wall following: Similar to lab 4B, navigate a hallway with many twists and turns. At one point, the path splits and an AR markers indicates the shorter route.

An AR marker indicates the transition between each section.

Grand Prix

The grand prix race course is the true culmination of the racecar curriculum, including pieces from all five labs. While the course can be completed individually, it can also facilitate races of up to 4 cars at once.

We encourage you to explore the race in default drive mode to get a feel for all of the sections.