Step 13: Speaker

New parts used in this step (see the Parts List for details):

  • speaker
  • foam tape

13.1 Apply Foam Tape

Cut one piece of foam tape approximately 2.5 inches long and attach it to the middle of the speaker by firmly pressing the foam tape. Be sure to place the tape on the bottom of the speaker (the side with the two light gray pieces of rubber). Finally, remove the wax paper from the foam tape to expose the other sticky side.

../../_images/13-1.png ../../_images/13-1.jpg

13.2 Attach Speaker

On the blue side of the top plate, attach the speaker to the very back of the car, directly above the USB hub attached in step 12.3. The speaker should point toward the back of the car, with the speaker cable pointing toward the front of the car. Firmly press the speaker while supporting the other side of the top plate to secure the foam tape.

../../_images/13-2_Back.png ../../_images/13-2.jpg ../../_images/13-2_Top.png