Step 6: Main StandoffsΒΆ

Screw tightness: very tight

New parts used in this step (see the Parts List for details):

  • Six 8-32 FF standoffs
  • Six 8-32 9/16 screws (B)
  • Six washers

First, place a washer over each of the six 8-32 9/16 screws (B) as shown in the picture below.


Next, identify the six holes around the edge of the bottom plate shown in the pictures below. For each hole, place an 8-32 9/16 screw (B) with a washer through the hole such that the washer and screw head touch the uncolored side of the bottom plate. On the red side of the bottom plate, secure the screw with an 8-32 FF standoff, which you tightening by hand for now.

../../_images/6-1.png ../../_images/6-1_Bottom.png ../../_images/6-2.jpg

Next, tighten the six screws using a crisscross pattern with multiple stages. To tighten a screw, hold the base of the standoff with a wrench such that the wrench also touches the bottom plate as shown in the picture below. Then, use a large Philips screwdriver to tighten the screw from the other side. On the final stage of your crisscross pattern, tighten the screws as tightly as possible without injuring yourself or stripping the screw.