Step 4: PWM

New parts used in this step (see the Parts List for details):

  • PWM
  • Two 2-56 MF standoffs
  • Two 2-56 screws (F)

4.1 Attach Standoffs

Screw tightness: very gentle

Use a 3/16 hex screwdriver to screw two 2-56 MF standoffs into the two holes shown on uncolored side of the bottom plate. These holes are toward the front of the car but behind the camera.

../../_images/4-1.png ../../_images/4-1.jpg

4.2 Attach PWM

Warning: discharge any static before touching the Jetson Nano
Screw tightness: gentle

Carefully align the two screw holes of the PWM with the 2-56 MF standoffs attached in step 4.1. Make sure that the mini USB port of the PWM points upward as shown in the pictures below. Secure the the PWM to the standoffs with 2-56 1/4 screws (F) using a small Philips screwdriver. Remember to tighten the screws in multiple stages.

../../_images/4-2.png ../../_images/4-2_Top.jpg